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Premium Economy Upgrades to New Zealand from $600 return

2 January 2018

Air New Zealand has just introduced new upgrade prices for customers travelling from the USA to New Zealand from Los Angeles, San Francisco and Houston.

Upgrade now from $600 return on Low and Shoulder season fares and $800 return on high season fares.

The new upgrade prices are available from any Air New Zealand Economy Class Fare* for travel between now and March 24th. Fares are available now in your GDS or via your preferred air fare provider. 

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Some helpful details are provided below:

When are they available? 

For all travel from now until March 24th 2018.


How do I find these in the GDS?

The new upgrade levels are available and will appear with ticket designator NZUP. For example the a fare with the upgrade level would appear like this: *TLXG1USS/NZUP 


What class do I book in?

Upgrade levels are available to book in A class only from Economy fare types in K, G, S, L, T and W. For Economy fares in V, W, H, M class, O class should be used. When the Premium Economy booking class isn’t available for the corresponding Economy fares, then regular fares apply and the difference between the Economy and Premium Economy level may vary by fare.


What are the fare rules?

The fare rules are determined by the Economy class fare being upgraded from


What are the upgrade prices?

Upgrades are $600 round trip for applicable Low and Shoulder Season Fares and $800 for all applicable High Season fares


Are any Economy fare excluded from having this upgrade price available?

Upgrade fares are not available on Y class Economy fares, any alliance market fares provided by United Airlines or Economy fares in Q, H, M or Y class


If you have any more questions then please don’t hesitate to contact Air New Zealand Sales Support at 800-262-2468 or


*Terms and Conditions: Premium Economy upgrade prices are subject to availability in A and O class. Low and Shoulder season upgrades are $600 return and $800 return for High Season fares. Upgrades are available on transpacific legs from LAX, SFO and IAH only and are applicable to fares either transiting or originating in these cities. Ticketing and travel must be complete by March 24th. Upgrade prices are available on Economy fare types K, G, S, L, T and W booking in A class and for V, Q, H and M class booking in O Class. Economy class published fare rules apply. Alliance market fares provided by United are excluded. Fares are available for USA Point of Sale Only and for US-New Zealand itineraries only. Fares are listed with ticket designator NZUP and must be booked using the prime Premium Economy booking class.