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Flexibility Policy - Tropical Cyclone Gita

13 February 2018

The following flexibility will be permitted on all fare types for customers ticketed to travel to/from Samoa and Tonga up to and including Saturday, 10th February, for travel from Saturday,10th February to Friday,16th February. This information relates specifically to tickets issued on Air New Zealand 086 ticket stock.

Options for customers are as follows:

  • Defer Travel - Customers ticketed for travel to and from Samoa and Tonga prior to and including Saturday 10th February may:

    Defer travel to a later Air New Zealand flight in the same class of travel before Tuesday 20th February without fare difference, penalty or service fees. If travel is only available in a higher cabin, the fare differential will apply.

    If the proposed date of travel is unknown, then the value of the ticket may be held in credit for payment towards travel within the same 12-month validity. In this instance change penalty will be waived but fare difference and service fees will apply when re-booking.

  • Refund -  Customers who no longer wish to travel to and from Samoa or Tonga and who hold tickets issued on or prior to Saturday 10th February:

    Normal refund rules apply, non-refundable fares remain non-refundable. Customers may defer travel as per the defer section of this document.

  • Travel as Planned - Any customer who opts to commence their journey as planned must be advised that they do so at their own risk. Due to the nature of Tropical Cyclone Gita, onward travel from Samoa or Tonga could be further disrupted at any point. Air New Zealand will not be liable for any costs associated with disrupted travel should a customer opt to travel as planned. 

IMPORTANT NOTE for all scenarios: 

  • Please endorse any changes “Invol reroute due Tropical Cyclone Gita"
  • Any incidental costs and penalties such as accommodation etc. will be the customers own responsibility.
  • Customers should be referred to their travel insurance policy to see if they are covered for any incremental costs &/or refund options where they hold a non-refundable fare.

Air New Zealand will continue to monitor the situation and advise any changes to these guidelines accordingly.

These guidelines will expire as per the dates above unless further updates are communicated